June 4, 2011

mexico...i miss you.

Oh Mexico. Its been almost 2 years since I saw you.
I want to go back.
To see a totally different world than what I live in. To see only dark skinned people. To be able to help people who don't have everything I have. To have little kids run to me with their arms open and wanting me to practice speaking english with them. To be welcomed into their homes and fed by people who can barely feed their own family. To eat rice and beans and tortillas, fresh strawberry juice, and churros off the street. To see how happy people are who live with what we would consider "nothing". To see how lives are changed when people are given the resources and tools to support themselves. To see how smiles and laughter crosses any language barrier. To see the sun rise and set over a place very different from what I see every day. To be able to make a difference somehow in even just one persons life. Maybe someday I can visit again:)