November 29, 2010

Dead Fish...again

A week after the fish-behind-the-fridge incident we could smell the same smell. It turned out there was a dead fish fillet IN THE CEILING, which smelled even worse than before! It was so disgusting. This time we returned the fish to the people, leaving it on their counter while they weren't home. Unfortunately, it turned into quite a big deal, with them coming home to find the fish, they were not happy at all, and then they tried to put it back in our apartment. We had been smart, and made a whole contraption to keep our door lock, because they knew how to break in. (They have done it before, and our door is all scraped up from breaking in) It was not a good night... We couldn't get ahold of anyone the next morning to report what had happened and so mama robyn called the police! Ha Ha I thought it was a little extreme, but they had broken in multiple times, and done disgusting pranks! The whole situation seems so ridiculous now, and like what 14 year old girls would do to each other:) Hopefully, this is the last dead fish incident we have....

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