October 30, 2011


the most wonderful time of the year....

I cannot get over how gorgeous Logan is in the fall. Oh. My. If the weather could be like this for the next 5 months I would be one happy girl. It makes me just want to walk outside. And not go to my classes...or to work...or do homework. Sometimes I don't listen to that little voice inside....and instead just skip doing everything I should be doing. Oh well! I have lots more years to get smart and work! But the gorgeousness outside isn't gonna last forever!

Pretty leaves, hot chocolate, pumpkin pie.... doesn't get much better than that:)

Still not sure whats the deal with planking.....

carmel apples....dipped in candy bars:)

October 19, 2011

Special Olympics

If God picked favorites, I'm pretty sure I know who they would be.
People with special needs.
I love, love, LOVE being around them!

I have the super great opportunity to be involved with special olympics. Every Saturday morning I get to go hang out with these people:) I am a "coach" for the Aggies team, which is made up of athletes from around Cache Valley. This season was swimming, bocce ball, and basketball. I did swimming, and loved being able to just swim around with them and have fun. People always asked me "so, you swam in high school?"....haha heck no! I'm not qualified at all! But that's the best part....you don't have to be good at anything to do special olympics! The athletes think you are the coolest thing, and listen when you tell them to go swim another lap!

There's a wide variety of athletes, some 14 year olds and some people 50+! The athletes are the cutest things, they get soooo excited about everything.

Last weekend were the state games for special olympics at the University of Utah. It's kinda a big deal, taking a whole bus full of athletes down to Salt Lake for the weekend. What an awesome experience it was! Swimming was all on Friday, and the athletes did so good! Every person gets a medal for every race they are in. After swimming was done we went to "olympic town" where they could play games, make little crafty stuff, and even get their hair done all fancy. It was so fun to just hang out with them, play games, and listen to the hilarious things some of them say.

Being around people with special needs is one sure way to boost your self esteem! My little friend Kathleen told me over and over "You are just so cute! You are just so cute! How come you are so pretty?!".....haha but then later after I declined to have my hair braided, she kept telling me "You are just so lazy! You are just so lazy! Why is your hair so straight?" hahaha

There were even opening ceremonies, with everyone walking in with their team, a band playing, the mayor of Salt Lake, Jazz dancers....the whole shabang!

And then......the dance! Holy. Smokes. Probably the best part. High school dances are over.rated. If you really want to have a good time, go to a special needs dance. These people know how to do it!

I love special olympics because all these people get to be "normal", to have the same opportunities that the rest of us take for granted. No one is there judging them, but there is a sense of unity as everyone cheers everyone on. Looks don't matter, size doesn't matter, ability doesn't matter. All that matters is everyone gets an opportunity to participate, and everyone is a winner. Other things in life should be more like this.

October 18, 2011

Tricia Bobby

aw:) The happily married couple.

Tried to be all sneaky and blow bubbles in the picture...haha failed.

Jeni. Kaitlyn. Tricia. Megan. Marisa
Oreos, toothpaste, streamers.....Gotta keep the tradition of decorated car:)
When they walked out to the car, they both went to separate sides....I was going to pee my pants if he didn't open the door for her! Megan screamed "Open the door!". Turns out he was standing there looking for the keys. :)

Tricia Bobby Lavery is a married woman.
Weird. It was crazy to see her walk out of the temple with her boy, all fancied up... (and even wearing big girl garments) I don't seem old enough for that, so she doesn't either! :) She looked sogorgeous though. And so happy.

I swear it was just yesterday that we were sitting in 7th grade math, me telling her she "smelled good". haha
And making our giant pumpkin cake.
And dancing on the front porch.
And writing back and forth in a notebook between every class.
And painting her bedroom.
And playing DDR with our bums.
And going to every stake dance.
And making our giant summer bucket list.
And coming into my bedroom to find the best spongebob cake ever:)
And writing lists of our so shizzlin' shrimps.
And going on senior trip.
And a million other fabulous memories.

But now.....she is married.
I am so excited for her! Those two little lovebirds are just so adorable together.
But now she has to be a real woman. Like, cook dinner and do laundry.
Congrats Tricia and Leo! Good luck on the rest of eternity:)
(please, just hold off on the babies for a while. I don't know if I can handle that yet....)

P.S. Happy 20th Birthday Tricia!

October 16, 2011

White Trash Wall

This is the living room. Yes, that's tissue paper all over the wall. Some would call it tacky...but we call it art. :)

October 13, 2011


No, I'm not bipolar.
But the weather is.
Today is be.u.tiful outside. A perfect fall day. Pumpkin carvin' weather.
(And of course I'm stuck inside at work and studying)
But just two days ago you would have thought we were going to have to build an ark...It rained and rained for days straight. Some days its freezing cold and windy, and the next is 68 and perfect.
Just a little bipolar.
Logan is SOOOO gorgeous. I would love to live here forever.
(except every time I say this I have to remind myself of the -20 snowy days when it should be illegal to even go outside to classes)

October 12, 2011

bum life

That seems kinda pathetic when the most exciting thing I have to blog about is the weather... :)
I've had lots of those moments where you realize you shouldn't always take things for granted.
For example....

I sure hope all those little five year old kids are taking advantage of nap time, snacks, watching spongebob, and going to bed early. Because some days I would sure enjoy going back to that.

Good thing I had a mean mom who made me clean toilets. Although looking at the weeks worth pile of clothes stacked on my chair you might not guess it, I don't like dirty stuff. Like hair all over the sink and dirty toilets. So good thing I was taught how to clean!

Having time to just sit. And read a book. (Statistics:A Tool for Social Research, Ninth Edition doesn't count). Like a real book. Or blog stalk(oh wait...I already to that...). Or eat.

Right now I am thankful for....
Knowing there's always someone dumber than you. It's nice to know that you always could have done worse on that test. haha.

Real good food for dinner. Like terryaki-chicken-broccoli-noodle stuff we made for dinner.

The hours of entertainment Pinterest can provide when I do decide to sit and do nothing while procrastinating homework and wasting time.

That despite hearing all about drama and boy problems and dating and blah blah blah... they aren't my problems. So life is good.

Getting letters! 3:00 mail time is pretty much the highlight of the day for everyone. Missionaries are great:)

October 5, 2011


Paint Dance. Glow in the dark paint, tons of college students, psycho dancing, sweaty-bodies-trampling-moshpit, 'nuf said.
Cleaning the sink at Angie's. 4 girls, one sink with way too much ice cream, bananas, oreos, and reeses. And yes, we ate it all. We didn't look this happy after....
Football game!