August 21, 2012

Especially For Youth 2012

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have spent my summer hanging out with teenagers and sharing my testimony of Jesus Christ everyday. I didn't realize it before, but it's my dream job. Too bad I can't be 58 and married with children and still be a counselor:)

I know I wasn't just lucky to have this opportunity. I was blessed. I was especially blessed when 4 weeks turned into 5, which eventually turned into 7. Six of these weeks were in lovely Provo, UT, while I got to spend one week in Logan. Go Aggies:)

Every week was sooo different - different co-counselors, kids, ages, session directors....
I loved (almost) all of it!
I have a testimony of EFY. Week after week participants would say it was the best week they had, and many had never felt the spirit so strong. EFY isn't a magical place, it's the things we do and environment at EFY that make it so special. I love when kids see that by simply reading their scriptures and praying every day, they can have the spirit be with them. I love to see kids who are initially hesitant or rebellious, feel something as the week goes on and have a visible change take place in them. EFY should be the starting point of building good habits. No one can live in the happy little bubble of chuch music-classes-game night-pizza-and devotionals forever, but the testimonies that are strengthened during the week are what changes lives for the better. Teenagers come from all over (one week I had a girl from the Bahamas, and she was pretty much a celebrity), and are amazed the power of a group of teenagers have when living the gospel, and see that the gospel brings more happiness than anything else. I love to see boys who will go on missions in a year or two commit to being missionaries, and begin to take the gospel seriously.

EFY is great. I love the dances. I love the awkwardness of the first day. I love friday's pink wrap (Not). I love musical program (my last week I was one of the people in charge of about pee my pants). I love the EFY music. I love having time every day to read my scriptures. I love teaching every single day. I love meeting the funniest kids. I love variety show. I love the counselors. I love watching 14 year olds flirt. I love the craziness of EFY in provo with 4 sessions all at the same time. I love cannon center food:). I love how you can love kids you hardly know like they are your own children for the week (well a real parent might not agree...). I love it all.

bye bye

The season of popsicles, warm nights, and sunburns is almost over.

Time for school to start, homework, cinnamon rolls, more homework, and gorgeous fall leaves.
Well, minus the school and homework part for me:)

However, I feel like my summer just started - days of sleeping in, doing whatever all day.
Ever since the lovely days of EFY ended I have spent time sleeping, grocery shopping with mom, eating smoothies, seven peaks, reading books, sleeping more, and occasionally getting dressed. Oh, the super fun task of applying for jobs.  Too bad my legs are still white as a marshmallow and it's the end of August.

                                                                        Goodbye this       
Hello this weather....minus the people :(

You can tell ones life must not be very exciting if all there is to update about is the weather. It's true. 

August 8, 2012

you are special:)


 I have been waiting my whole life for this. Well, not quite. But ever since Wicked came to Salt Lake a few years ago and we sadly weren't able to get tickets. I was lucky enough to see it in San Francisco and saw how good it was, but my mom still hadn't seen it. And I didn't think it would come back to little Salt Lake City.

Until one day I saw Wicked was coming again:) We were so lucky to get tickets, without having to pay $400 each. (And that's no joke). Even if we weren't sitting by each other...haha.

Wicked. So good. So funny. Even if you aren't one of those musical-loving-singing-and-dancing-drama-enthusiasts. Cause I'm sure not. Please Wicked, can you come to Salt Lake again?!