January 28, 2012


Thank you Mother Teresa, I knew you were smart.

January 25, 2012


I like these places.

January 17, 2012


Thank heavens for the weekends. Seriously.
It's obvious why weekends are so great:)
Sleeping in.
Special Olympics.
Staying up all night watching movies and having a "cuddle puddle". (thank you girl who named it that)
Game nights.
Breakfast at Village Inn.
More movies.
Time to do homework.
Having a clean apartment.
Working out.
Wearing sweats all day.
Going to church.

The countdown until next weekend has already started...

nerd alert

I love my classes this semester.
Maybe I won't be saying that in another three weeks....but for now I love them!
I guess it's probably because I'm finally in (mostly) classes that I want to take.

Social Work with Diverse Populations
Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Mental Health
Public Speaking
Perspectives in Literature

The social work classes are so great! As I sit there everything just makes sense. It's like "duh, of course that's what you would do in that situation". It confirms how much I am excited to be a social worker. People always say "oh...that's a hard profession. Bless you for trying." Hello, nothing is easy! Of course the world is full of problems, many of which aren't going to be solved. But there is so much good that can be done, so many lives that can be helped and empowered.

Yay for school,and learning, and the first few weeks of the semester which might actually be enjoyable:)

January 16, 2012


This is what makes winter all worth it:)
(even though it actually hadn't snowed in weeks....)

January 2, 2012


356 days.
  • I finished two semesters at Utah State University.
  • Worked all summer at Costa Vida.
  • Made my 5 year mark working at Magnolia Grove.
  • Saw one of my best friends get married.
  • Lived with roommates, came back in the fall and lived with some of the same.
  • Saw soo many of my guy friends go off on missions.
  • Spent two weeks on a church history tour in New York, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, and Kansas.
  • Visited all the places where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was restored, where angels appeared, where prophets walked.
  • Made it through some tough classes, and even took more tough classes the next semester.
  • Worked in the USU bookstore.
  • Worked more in the USU Risk Management Office.
  • Went on many random adventures in Logan.
  • Survived the freezing cold of Logan.
  • Said goodbye to my freshman year.
  • Attended 3 different singles wards.
  • Got callings including service chairperson, ward missionary.
  • Went on dates.
  • Became addicted to Pinterest.
  • Moved into Pineview Apartments.
  • Got to room with Brit again.
  • Met so many fantastic people in the fall.
  • Anxiously awaited the mail each day in hope of missionary letters.
  • Cooked lots of food, expanded our skills and even planned weekly dinner menus.
  • Went snowboarding.
  • Sledded down Old Main.
  • Laid under the stars on warm summer nights.
  • Went to Aggie basketball games, football games, and even a hockey game.
  • Spent Christmas at home with my family.
  • Took a little trip to California to see grandparents.
  • Went to San Francisco.
  • Made plans to go to Honduras on service trip in 2012.
  • Learned how to budget and live like a frugal college students.
  • Coached Special Olympics at USU.
  • Took a special needs institute class.
  • Applied to be a EFY counselor in 2012.
  • Prepared to go on a mission.
  • Read the Book of Mormon.
  • Started studying Preach My Gospel.
  • Cleaned the sink.
  • Went to St. George for Spring Break.
  • Made a mormon.org profile.
  • Went to midnight movies.
  • Had sleepovers.
  • Donated plasma.
  • Ate way too much ice cream and cookie dough.
  • Went to lava hot springs.
  • Went to the temple.
  • Peed off a waterfall.
  • Went hottubing.
  • Decorated a gingerbread house for the Festival of Trees.
  • Went to education week at BYU.
  • Had end-of-summer party.
  • Wrote missionary letters.
  • Prayed for miracles.
  • Saw miracles happen.
I am blessed
2012 is going to great. Every year should be a little better, every year I should be a little better of a person. Things are not always easy, things are not perfect. But with the right perspective, life can truly be enjoyed. I have so much to look forward to, so much that I can accomplish.
The next 366 days are not going to be filled with regrets, but with continual growth. I am constantly making lists in my head, and planning. I don't want any of these 2 week long resolutions, but rather things I really want to accomplish and know will have the motivation to accomplish.
In 2012 I am going to
  • travel to Honduras on March 10 on a humanitarian trip
  • Take advantage of as many opportunities to work as I can to earn money for Honduras.
  • Continue to play the piano whenever I have the chance or am at home.
  • Write in my journal every week.
  • Read and study the Book of Mormon.
  • Turn in mission papers!
  • Take an institute class.
  • Always have a place I am volunteering at (Special Olympics, music at retirement home,
  • Pray every morning and night and read scriptures.
  • Save money, limit how much I eat out.
  • Work out and eat healthy so I feel good.
  • Give people sincere compliments.

San Francisco!

I love this city. There is so much to see and do, every time I go is so different. The weather was PERFECT. We walked across part of the Golden Gate Bridge, saw Painted Ladies (the gorgeous old row houses), walked around China Town, ate chinese food (skipped the chinese bakery because it looked a little sketchy...), went to the fortune cookie factory, walked around Fisherman's Wharf, and of course got sourdough bread:)

Golden Gate Bridge


San Francisco!

View from Treasure Island
Painted Ladies