April 25, 2011


I used to have this problem where I was always waiting for the future. Like, "My life will be better when....this happens" or "when this thing is over" or "when the semester is over" or "when this person talks to me". Maybe I still have this problem.
But I am starting to realize that you can't wait around for things to get better. I love the little saying (even though it sounds so cliche...)
Its not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain!
It's not very productive to wait around and determine our happiness by when certain things happen. We need to live each day and not let opportunities pass us by. Because if we just keep thinking things will get better after a certain point, we have no idea what we are missing out on right now!

Good times:)

April 22, 2011

Dear Mother Nature,

I have a problem. I am not loving the freezing cold rain. There shouldn't be hail or snow two weeks before my summer starts. But maybe you are just being smart and know that if it is sunny and delightful outside, I will go outside and play all day instead of studying. So I guess either way your weather is complicating my life. All I'm asking for is a little sunshine this lovely Easter weekend! Maybe next week when I will be cooped up studying all day you can dump a little rain on us. But until then, can we have some sunshine about freezing temperature please?!

April 21, 2011

Seeking for the Good!

"We have a choice. We can seek for the bad in others. Or we can make peace and work to extend to others the understanding, fairness, and forgiveness we so desperately desire for ourselves. It is our choice; for whatever we seek, that we will certainly find."
Dieter F. Uchtdorf

April 11, 2011

pictures, pictures, and more pictures....

I LOVE looking at pictures. I was going back through pictures from the beginning of the school year, and I had already forgotten about a ton of the things I have done! I probably have even more pictures from his semester. Writing in a journal is not my most favorite thing, but I sure do love having pictures to look back on! I can't wait until I am 80 and can look back through all these....

taco tuesday:)
no, that is not a onesie.....

el, brit, and me in our homemade flower headbands:)
orange julius - almost a daily occurence

oh how i love Logan....

Valentines day:)
hot chocolate & ice cream....

cleaning the sink!

cookin' hamburger for the first time!

More spring break....

I like this girl:)