September 19, 2011

i'm a sophmore.

1:30 church. WAY too late. And there's no excuse for not getting ready in the morning if church isn't at 9..... My and the girls I live with:)
This just about describes my life. And the MOST DELICIOUS thing.... ice cream, cake mix straight from the box, and just a little milk all blended up. Seriously. Tastes just like cake batter. Need I say more?
This another one of those MOST DELICIOUS things. 3 of the yummiest three things invented, all together in one pan. Delicious hot (the recipe said to eat with ice cream and fudge sauce....holy heart attack!) and even better the next day cooled. If I'm obese when I'm an old lady, this will be the cause.
Yes, my life does revolve around food. Just one more picture to show it.

September 11, 2011

hello...this is me.

This is what lives on my dresser.
Ya know all those get to know you activities where you put things that represent you in a box?....
Well this is me. On my dresser.

September 5, 2011

goodbye summer

Smells like fall.
Guess summer is officially over.
No more sleeping in, Costa Vida, or warm summer nights.
My last days of summer was spent going to education week at BYU, Seven Peaks (it would be a crime to go the whole summer without swimming...), and "end-of-summer-party" (which of course included everything summer-watermelon, hamburgers, smoothies, and fireworks), and going on a bakery spree.
Yep, me and my mom had a whole list of little bakery places to go to, and since summer was running out we ended up going to all of like 2 days. It was delicious. I love little bakeries.
We went here and here and here and here. And I'm probably forgetting one.
Goodbye summer!