January 30, 2011

Freshman Year: Part 2

Time sure flies.
But I guess thats a good thing....
It just seems dumb that now that I am finally meeting some people I live by the year is already half way over.
It reminds me that I should take advantage of all the opportunities I have...I won't be 19 forever!
In fact, I'll be 21 next year. Old.

School is good. Life is good.
This semester I am taking 15 credits. English 2010, Bio, Psych, Stats, Human Development. Unfortunately there have already been 2 tests. And one next week.
The first few weeks of the semester I also worked in the bookstore. So my life was pretty busy with working two jobs and school. I'm just grateful for having those jobs!

This semester my life has gone like this:
with lots of movie watching and some occasional working out in between... :)

Life is good.

Lifting Burdens: The Atonement of Jesus Christ

January 9, 2011

Top 10 in 2010

2010 was a great year:) Its crazy how every year seems to go by faster. Here are some of the highlights of this year, and also just favorite things. (not in any order...)

  1. I am now attending Utah State University! I can hardly believe I have already completed an entire semester of college. And I'm still alive! It has actually been super great, I have LOVED college and USU! I was super lucky to get good roommates too:) I decided to switch from doing interior design to social work.
  2. Special Needs Mutual. I had the AWESOME opportunity to be a friend at special needs mutual during my senior year of high school. It really was one of the highlights of my whole life! Every week I went to an activity for people with a variety of disabilities, ages 12 and older. I had two special friends there, Abagail and Laurie. Being around these people with such sweet spirits and unconditional love was such a blessing, and inspiring to me.
  3. Graduated from Riverton High School! Woohoo! I made it through high school - and loved it! Riverton will always hold a special little place in my heart :)
  4. Senior Trip! After graduation me and some friends went on a little trip down to the great place called ST.GEORGE!! We stayed in a condo, went to Zions, played, swam, ate, and had a super fantastic time! It was just so fun. I wanna go on a trip with my friends next summer!
  5. Disneyland:) In August me and my family (all but Seth on a mission...) went to Disneyland for a vacation. It was so fun! We went to California Adventure, Disneyland, and the beach. It really is the happiest place on earth! I could ride those rides all day. My favorites were Soarin' Over California, California Screamin', the 3D Toy Story ride, and Space Mountain.
  6. Played the Piano, then quit. I have taken lessons from the same teacher since 7th grade. In August I finally had to quite because I was moving to logan for school. I had my own senior recital, which was a lot of work but I am grateful I am able to learn difficult songs. One of my favorite things about going home is having a real piano to play!
  7. San Fran! For choir tour we rode a bus 14 hours to San Francisco. What a party! Besides the long ride, no sleep, and breaking down, it was great:) We saw all the piers, Alcatraz, went to an amusement park, sang a little and competed (i guess that was the point...), and best of all, WENT AND SAW WICKED!!
  8. Went to girls camp my last year. I love girls camp! I am really hoping I will get to be in young womens some time just so I can go to camp!
  9. Worked at Classic Fun Center during the summer. Woohoo! I never thought I would be working there...but it turned out to be a good summer job! I got to stand outside lifeguarding and even get a little tan...:) By the end of the summer I was a little tired of listening to Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.... I also still work at Magnolia Grove Reception Center, and got a part time job as an office assistant at USU.
  10. We the People Competition- As part of AP Political Science we were in a competition where we did mock congressional hearings about the constitution. Sounds nerdy, but I kinda liked it! I spent who knows how many hours, and thought it was interesting learning so much about government and the constitution. At the state competition my class got 3rd place, not what I was hoping for, but my group got 1st place!