March 25, 2011

dang, we are funny.

Some things just never get old.
Like 3rd grade humor is still funny in our apartment. haha:)
I wish I had kept a list of all the funny things that have happened this year.
I do have a quote wall though, with some pretty funny stuff! Well, at least funny to me and my roommates...:)
Here are some of the funny/weird/disgusting things that keeps life exciting:
  • We came to the conclusion it was finally time to clean out the fridge after finding a dead fly on the shelf...who KNOWS how long its been there! In the process we also found hair, moldy cheese, and some food that has been there since the beginning of the semester....
  • I live in a giant hairball! We find it EVERYWHERE!! - microwave, floor, toilet seat, sink, and everywhere else imaginable. A lesson learned is to not put food on the counter, because (like Brit learned) the hair might get on your food and end up between your two front teeth. yuck.
  • I talk in my sleep. I guess onetime I even got out of bed and was creepin on Brit in the middle of the night! She talks in her sleep too, so its quite entertaining:)
  • We seem to laugh at pretty much everything. Good thing laughing is good for your health!
  • Sometimes when the fire alarm goes off and its freezing cold and snowy outside, you just gotta make the best of it by bundling up in your marshmallow coat, making a mug of hot chocolate in record time, and then go outside with your half heated mug of cocoa to wait for the firemen to come check the building.
  • Sometimes I forget that we do live in a building full of other people. On multiple occasions I have come out of the shower in a towel to find our apartment door wide open and a bunch of people just lounging in my bedroom! And sometimes we forget to shut our door when changing, or just think we can do it fast before anyone comes in. Usually we are wrong though! Last week this is how it went: "Wouldn't it be funny if someone came frolicking through our apartment right now?" and literally 5 seconds later two boys come waltzing in....I quickly grab some pants shut my door in record time! haha oh well:)

March 24, 2011

life is great:)

This is what glorious spring break consisted of: driving to st. george, soaking up the warm sun, eating food, going to see sweet waterfalls, hottubbing, going to Krave, going to Zions, eating more food, sleeping, watching Bachelor, going to Krave, hottubing more, ice cream,cooking hamburgers (all by ourselves!), movies, Snow Canyon and lava tubes, and an overall fabulous time with no homework:) Oh how i love spring break.

Missionary time

On February 18th Seth arrived home from Porto, Portugal! We didn't just get to the airport early - we got there so early Mom was freaking out thinking we were in the wrong place because no other little families were there with balloons and signs waiting for their missionaries. Turns out, we were in the right place, most people just didn't arrive an hour early to wait! His flight ended up being an hour late anyways.... :) For the first time in 3 1/2 years, our family is together. Yep, this means we went to church and took up the whole bench:)