My name is Marisa. Not Marissa, or Marrissa. It's Marisa.

Like Mark and Lecia squished together into one name. The only girl out of 6 other boys, I guess they had to use that name on me.

I finished my sophomore year Right now I am a sophomore at Utah State University (go Aggies!) studying social work. I know, I know....a major with some of the lowest paying jobs, terrible hours, and I will have to get a masters degree. But I love it! I love being around others. I love helping people. I love old people. I love people with special needs. I dream of doing international social work. Of traveling to other countries to help people develop skills and give them education and resources to have a better life and be a little happier. That's why I want to be a social worker.

But right now, I am awaiting leaving on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Rosario Argentina!!! Woohooo!

I also love peppermint ice cream, cookie dough, Little Ceasers crazy bread, Costa Vida chicken tacos, and BYU mint brownies.
I'm addicted to pinterest, blog stalking, and even the occasional facebook:)
Disney and Pixar movies are the best, it doesn't get much better than Toy Story or The Emperors New Groove. Of course, I enjoy a good chick flick....and a big bowl of ice cream.
My guilty pleasure is watching the Bachelor.
I love reality and competition TV. Design Star is my favorite, one season a year is not enough! I love any kind of design. Nerd alert:  I love reading cookbooks and design magazines.

I do not enjoy the cold. At all. The only good thing about cold is being able to wear sweats and big boots.
Some day I have to visit the Seychelles. Or Fiji. Or even Hawaii would be acceptable.

I am inspired by Mother Theresa, Thomas S. Monson, and Gandhi. The world needs more people like them.
I believe we are in charge of our happiness, our life is what we make it.