December 9, 2012

"Give a Little Love"

This is the greatest. I love this video - because it's believable, not cheesy, and real life stuff.
But seriously....What if every person in your school was represented in this? Your city? In the US? In the world?

It can be tiring reading/seeing/hearing the cliches about "changing the world"....they can seem oversimplified or far-fetched. The idea to "give a little love" is not. This gives a little more hope in humanity.

This is the month of December. There seems to be a sudden serge of people willing to give a little extra, to be more aware, and to live in a more idealistic society. (Why do we not have food drives in July and SilverRush in September??) But...we should take advantage of the Christmas spirit and try give a little more, because it does make a difference, whether people choose to recognize it or not. Society often overlooks simple opportunities to give time/money/attention or underestimates the impact of 1 person.

I simply have a list of a few things/ways to help another person this month, and others which will be spontaneous. I don't want to look back and realize how many opportunities I overlooked to do good. We could all give a little love.
  1. Write an anonymous note to someone.
  2. Scrape another persons snowy car.
  3. Go through a drivethrough and pay for the person behind me.
  4. Give sincere compliments.
  5. Be aware of those around me and make effort to smile.
  6. Let someone in front of me in line at Walmart.
  7. Open the door for people.
  8. Be extra patient to angry providers at work.
  9.  Resist making a rude comment, even when it feels absolutely necessary:)
  10. .........

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” [Aesop]
True that.

Festival of Trees

Yes, my 16 year old brother made this - the video and the house. Cool kid.

Our family makes trees/gingerbread houses for the Festival of Trees. We have done this the past several(?) years, so this must qualify as a tradition. Back in the day, the parentals even made and donated a gingerbread house as newlyweds.
Once upon a time my brother had to go to Primary Childrens Hospital for some belly button infection. Turns out, he ended up spending a quite a bit more time there throughout his young life. Well, more time than the average 8 year old is in the hospital. The Festival of Trees is a fundraiser, with all proceeds benefiting Primary Childrens. The Festival of Trees is like an explosion of Christmas - trees, gingerbread houses, cinnamon rolls....pretty much everything except the reindeer.
These are the houses/trees, beginning with this year, and going back to our first tree:)
bikini bottom christmas
Minecraft christmas...(computer game, for all you people living without 11 year old boys)

Provo Tabernacle


Family pic, 2007 baby! The missionary tree - complete with a tie tree skirt, map of every mission in the world, and little gingerbread elders (and sisters.)

December 8, 2012


I love quotes. Quotes are right at the top of my loves, along with 78 degree weather and oreos.
I have been keeping a list of quotes for the past couples years. The list has lots and lots of pages typed. And these are motivational-churchy-gospel quotes; these don't even include madagascar-emperors-new-groove-spongebob quotes. So here are some pinterest-worthy-spiritual-happy-famous-mormon-speaker quotes. I love them. And I can't get enough.
. . . . . .
I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation never was easy. We are the church of Jesus Christ, this is the truth , and He is our great eternal head. How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him? {Elder Jeffrey R. Holland}
(Ok, talk about perspective..)
We must develop the capacity to see men not as they are at present but as they may become when they receive testimonies of the gospel of Christ. {Thomas S. Monson}
 (I need to remember this. And this should have been my motto working all summer with 15 year old boys, which seem to have brains still in the early stages of development) 

By coming unto Christ, every soul can see, feel, and know of a surety that Christ suffered and atoned for our sins that we may have eternal life...There is no burden that He cannot ease or move. He knows about our infirmities and sicknesses. I promise and testify to you that when all doors seem to be closed, when everything else seems to fail, He will not fail you. {Walter F. Gonzalez}
 (Yep, that's a promise: He will not fail you) 

The lord did not people the earth with a vibrant orchestra of personalities only to to value the piccolos of the world. Every instrument is precious and adds to the complex beauty of the symphony. {Elder Withlin}
 (Makes me want to burst out into the EFY song about 'life is a symphony'...)

The cause of Christ does not need your doubt, it needs your strengh and time and talents, and as you exercise these in service, your faith will grow and your doubts will wane. {Gordon B. Hinkley}
(Buck up and do something good. Coming straight from him.) 

There is one responsibility which no man can evade; that responsiblitiy is his personal influence. Every moment of life man is changing, to a degree, the life of the whole world. {David O Mckay}
(If only we all realized our influence and ability....) 

Coveting, pouting, or tearing others down does not elevate your standing, nor does demeaning someone else imporove your self image. So be kind and be grateful that God is kind. It is a happy way to live.  
{Elder Holland}
(This sounds so easy. Until you get on facebook, or start watching those wedding videos. Oops.)

Discipleship is believing Him in seasons of peace and believing Him in seasons of difficulty, when our pain and fear are calmed only by the conviction that he loves us and keeps his promises. {Neil A Anderson}
{Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming)
. . . . .
And I could go on, and on, and on....with quotes. There are sooo many good ones. It's like biting into a reeces - so much good stuff in just a little bite.

December 2, 2012