July 18, 2012

Chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiches....What I will be eating daily in heaven.

There is nothing better than a good chocolate chip cookie. Not even a bowl of ice cream. (Well, unless the bowl of ice cream of full of cookie dough and cookie chunks.) That's why our main course for dinner tonight was cookies. No joke.

And those chips ahoy and other pieces of styrofoam?....Let's not even talk about those. Why waste calories on wannabe-so-called-cookies when you can make yourself this delectable chocolate chip cookie dough sandwhich straight from cookie-dough-heaven?

Sometimes it's difficult to balance the amount of dough eaten and cooked cookies...so why not just put 'em together and eat both at once?! Place a scoop of dough between two cookies. Try it. You'll love it. Promise. You can't be a true chocolate chip cookie (dough) fan until you have tried this.

Here's a delightful cookie dough recipe. Remember, you will need a little self control to not consume all the dough before you bake at least a pan.

Chocolate Chip Cookies 
(Everyone claims to have the best recipe.....maybe someday I will become a cookie dough recipe researcher. But for now, this recipe is just delicious. Make sure to use real butter, real vanilla, whip the butters and sugars until the colors lighten, and watch them carefully when they bake and they should turn out. At least that always seems to work for me:)

  • 1 c. butter (slightly softened)
  • 1 c. crisco
  • 1 1/2 c. white sugar
  • 1 1/2 c. brown sugar
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 4 1/2(ish) c. flour
  • bag of chocolate chips
Cream the butter, crisco, and sugars until lighter color and fluffy-ish. Add the vanilla and eggs, keep mixing. Add soda and salt, then flour. The dough should be not too sticky when touched. If not sure, bake just a few at a time and add flour if they are flat. Mix in chocolate chips and bake @350 for 8-10 minutes. (Because lets be honest, times recipes give never seem to be right..) They should be just starting to brown on the top, slightly puffed. Enjoy:)

July 14, 2012

You know you are EFY counselor if.....

-You know that a counselor sandwich is not referring to the giant thing you eat each Wednesday.
-Your idea of a good weekend is a six hour nap and free laundry at home.
-You feel naked without your name tag
-Your self esteem is boosted by 24 fourteen year olds who make up your fan club and tell you constantly how cool you are. 
-You’ve learned to do everything with a back pack that is bigger than you on.
-You cringe at the thought of Tuesday Burrito, while telling the youth how delicious the food will of course be. 
-You understand why payday is actually on Thursday.
-You know pretty much every Miley Cyrus and HSM song...and the dances to them.
-People watching never gets old.
-You refer to participants you’re in charge of as your kids, and you are often called "Mom" all week long.
-Your youth’s ultimate dream is to have you marry your co and them to be in the wedding party.
-Being on Passion Patrol provides the best stories of teenage romance. 
-Youth you’ve never seen before use your name all the time and think that’s really tricky.
-Every week you have youth in your hallway that think putting a towel under the door is original…
-You realize either youth eat pens or there is some creature lurking around...how else would a whole box of pens disappear in a week?!
-You wake up to nightmares that you didn’t order pizza by noon, or you forgot to text in lights out.
-COWs are something people want to be. 
-In your kids minds you are completely incapable of dating on your own and it is their duty to spend their weeks advertising you to other counselors as a helpless and desperate person, at the expense of your dignity.
-You want to throw up when you see a M on your mealcard where a C could have been.
-Friday’s you feel like a princess at Disneyland because people line up to take pics with you.
-You know plenty of laffy taffy jokes to break the awkward silence of meet your counselor.
-You’ve made the mistake at least once of telling your youth who you could potentially have a crush on.
-The peanut butter/jelly dance is what you subconsciously think about before falling asleep each night. 
-You know that FSOY is a real word, and you use it each week.
-A polo tan is the new farmers tan.
-You’re still surprised when your youth say what year they were born and it’s in the high 90’s era.
-You visit the bathroom about 17 times a day and still forget to use it yourself.
-You just hope you can get through games night without doing anything to a youth that might get you fired.....
-Getting your youth to form/ stay in a line is one of the bigger feats of the week.
-Your best facebook moments are Saturday night as you get about 20 new friends and at least 30 notifications.
-You’re constantly amazed at how a modest outfit during scripture study transforms to something questionable during the rest of the day....especially if the talk on how to sit modestly in a skirt hasn't been given 3 times. 
-You know that youth speak really soft and when you ask them to speak up it changes about .00002 decibels.
-Lock down is your favorite part of the week. Not!
- You still question why at 10:00 in the morning on Monday’s youth and their parents are lined up at the door with all their luggage when the doors don’t open til 11.
-You’ve eaten your weight in BYU brownies… and you’re pretty much okay with that.
-You are familiar with all the best places to hide away and take a nap. 
-You have woken up and found a family staring down at you like you are some foreign-lost-person as you lay on a couch in the Wilk. 
-You believe EFY is secretly fat camp because of all the walking you do…
-You know something is wrong if you haven't been asked 11 times by the end of breakfast "what are we doing next?".
-FHE without fruit roll ups, is not fhe at all.
-You know each cheer should start like remember the titans and end in a circle saying 'who who who'
-You have an excuse for white, hairy legs because the requirement to wear pants daily.
-You are either stared at, laughed at, or given the look of pity by everyone who walks by the herds of EFY kids on campus. 
-You’ve uttered the phrase “I feel like that’s not a good idea” at least once a day.
-You LOVE hanging out with teenagers all day long and seeing the change they experience at EFY:)

park city....so pretty

Family hike up Big Mountain where the pioneers walked. 

Lookin' good....

This lovely lady is my mamma. 

The Alpaca store. Where you buy sweaters and socks made from Alpaca hair. Like $400 for a jacket made of hair. No joke. Too bad cat hair isn't all the rage.

Adorable little boys. 

July 10, 2012

the happiest place on earth

Being an EFY counselor is the best job ever. Who else gets to hang out with teenagers all week long and teach about Jesus Christ while having so much fun?! (All while getting paid about $4.20 an hour...haha)

The dances are fantastic. I thought stake dances were good when I was 14, but EFY are the best dances hands down. Favorite part is walking around during slow dances and finding any boy who isn't dancing, direct him over to the nearest girl, and introduce my "friends" to each other. There's no saying no or getting out of dancing at that point.

The classes are soo good. Well, at least when I can stay awake through them. The teachers they bring in are the best of the best seminary/institute teachers.

Game night is not my favorite for multiple reasons....but this past week it was the 4th of July! Lucky us, we got to have pizza night outside after games/cheers and watch fireworks from the Stadium of Fire. Kinda a big  deal for EFY, keeping track of 2000 kids during one of the biggest nights in Provo.

Last week 2 of my boys peed in the bushes. No joke. I had told everyone to go before we left, because there were a lot of people and not a lot of bathrooms, and even made the comment jokingly that there wouldn't be bushes to pee in. Come to find out, the boys did in fact pee in some bushes. At the conference center. At BYU. They told me the BCs wouldn't let them in to go to the bathroom....I had to try so hard to  contain myself and not laugh when they told me. Because of course we shouldn't encourage this behavior, but I guess I am just a little immature:)

The stories of EFY could go on. and on. and on.
EFY is great. 'Nuff said.