November 9, 2010

my to do list.

I like lists. In fact, sometimes I'm kinda obsessed. Usually I write a list for what to do everyday. And for every week. And even for the month. I have homework lists, shopping lists, lists of recipes that look yum, places I want to go, and things to do. I like to be organized and have a plan.
Here's my list of things to do before I die. Like a bucket list. And like all my other lists, I always think of more things to add. So hopefully I don't die anytime soon.

To do list...
  • ride in a hot air balloon.
  • go on a humanitarian trip to somewhere in South America
  • take my future family on a service trip too
  • go snorkeling and swim with turtles
  • go to Hawaii (the snorkeling would work well here:)
  • become a social worker
  • go on a mission
  • go to another country to teach English (India?...)
  • be an EFY counselor
  • be in the pillsbury bakeoff
  • write my own cookbook
  • write a cookbook for college students
  • go to Ireland, Italy, and the Seychelles Islands
  • have kids
  • adopt a black baby
  • learn to surf
  • be a wedding planner (I might be working at Magnolia Grove until i'm 40...)
  • go to Prince Edwards Island in the fall (or anywhere east coast)

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