May 19, 2011


Being a white girl living in Utah, I am usually not in the minority.
But now.... I work at Costa Vida! And I am in the minority.
Yep, most of the people are mexican. And speak spanish. Sometimes I think they forget that I probably don't understand them. Haha.

It's only been two days, but I have already met some interesting people...

We were playing some "get to know you game"... I guess it was supposed to help us like each other more and work together or something....
The question was "If you were stuck on an island and could take only two things, what would would it be?"
My daughter. And Cigarettes. (haha i guess if those are the most important things in your life...)

A fully stocked bar. And a Victoria's Secret model to 'get it on'. (ok...good to know we have so much in common!)

I met this boy. We were cleaning shelves in the kitchen together. I never realized how much you can learn about a person in the 30 seconds that they introduce themselves.
My names Jordan
Nice to meet you, I'm Marisa
How long have you worked for Costa Vida?
This is my second day. You?
Since March.
(Insert some advice he gave me about working at costa vida...)
So, what is your position here?
Trainer. And cash register. I have over 5 years experience.
Wow, you sure moved up quickly!
Whatever I do, I do it right.
Are you going to school then, or just working?
I am really trying to get some management or corporate position. I am also on the waitlist for police academy. I will do whichever I am offered first. Whatever I do, I do right.
Um, thats cool....
Here's some advice - When someone in a polo comes into the store they are from corporate, so suck up to them. It helps in getting promoted.
(Later on this is what he told me:)
I double majored and double minored and had double the elective credits I needed. During college I was in classes for 80 hours a week. I do things right. Here's some advice - Costa Vida is working on communication. So talk to people so you can become a better team. Here's some advice - Costa Vida is ........ Here's some advice - Costa Vida......
(Thanks for all the advice from "Costa Vida corporate".....He told me everything Costa Vida is trying to improve or doing or whatever.)
He also told me his life story, about finding out he was a dad then dropping out of college, the fact that he won't date a single girl from Salt Lake valley, told me he is Mormon but the "rebellious" kind so he can't date Mormons, and way too much other stuff that did not help his image. At all. Along with a variety of @#$&* thrown in his sentences.
Well, it was nice to meet you too!....

There was another boy. I'm not sure his name, cause he was Mexican and usually I can't understand exactly what they say the first time....
But he was very nice.
It was the normal get-to-know-you-conversation.
Then he asked me if I "like to party"
Well... probably not your kind of parties!... That's all there is to do in Utah! And they still aren't that good. Last week though, it did get a little crazy. I had a party at my house. Too much beer pong.... Then he asked if I go dancing. Or to raves. Haha, nope, I don't go to raves!
I even explained to him that until a week ago I was living in Logan. And the nightlife isn't quite the same there.
He then again expressed his love for partying every single weekend.
Later on he asked if I was "LDS".
Yep, I told him.
Then he was telling me about his girlfriend, and how she is white.
Have you ever dated a Mexican?
Haha, nope I haven't!
Are you allowed to have a boyfriend?
Yep, I am...
(It must have been the LDS thing...)
Then he told me about his ex. And how they met at church, and they were both Jehovah's Witnesses, but then did bad stuff and got kicked out and disfellowshipped.
We also talked about high school and what we liked about it.
He told me he usually didn't go to school actually.

It's true. Everyone is not the same.
In fact, there are some very different people out there....
Or maybe it's just cause I'm a little white girl:)

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  1. bahahhah what an interesting experience!!!!!