May 9, 2011

USU. Davis 304. Freshman year.

I hate saying goodbye to people. HATE it. At least saying "see ya later!" is a little easier...
I absolutely LOVED my freshman year at USU. It was definitely the place for me to be. My roommates were fantastic and I am lucky to get to live with them next year! I love you girls! There were some pretty awesome people who lived in Davis that I loved getting to know. My only regret is waiting so long before actually meeting them, because from the time we met them until the end of the year I made so many memories (boys across the hall!...) There were so many guys I met and became good friends with who I am sad that I won't see them much anymore because of missions, but I am honestly so excited for them and the opportunities they will have! I will miss just being able to go out into the lounge and watch the country music channel, talking to the boys on 2nd floor, hanging out with 4th floor boys, coming out of the shower and never knowing who just might be sitting in my room, late night talks in the lounge, and always knowing that there was someone to hang out with and talk to in our building.
I know that people are put into our lives for a reason, and we are put into other peoples lives to help them. Life really does get better after high school! haha....
Thank you to each person I met who made my year a little better!
Thank you USU for giving me the best freshman year I could ask for!
And to all my friends....see ya later!

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  1. oh that's so wonderful!!!!

    makes me so excited for college :)