August 11, 2011


I am now $40 richer. And what did I have to do?..... Sit for 3 hours. Well, and fill out a bunch of papework. And pee in a cup. And have a physical exam. And be asked a million questions about my whole life history. And then get a needle poked in me. THEN I got my $40:) Yep, I donated plasma. Most of the people there had many more piercings, tattoos, facial hair, etc. than me. The first impression of the type of people who go to donate plamsa isn't very positive....but oh well! I was a normal looking girl in there! And when I go back again I don't have to wait in line. And it's only the first time they ask you a million questions:) But I think I will stick to going to college so I don't have to be one of the people who donates plasma as their source of income. Ha.

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