October 12, 2011

bum life

That seems kinda pathetic when the most exciting thing I have to blog about is the weather... :)
I've had lots of those moments where you realize you shouldn't always take things for granted.
For example....

I sure hope all those little five year old kids are taking advantage of nap time, snacks, watching spongebob, and going to bed early. Because some days I would sure enjoy going back to that.

Good thing I had a mean mom who made me clean toilets. Although looking at the weeks worth pile of clothes stacked on my chair you might not guess it, I don't like dirty stuff. Like hair all over the sink and dirty toilets. So good thing I was taught how to clean!

Having time to just sit. And read a book. (Statistics:A Tool for Social Research, Ninth Edition doesn't count). Like a real book. Or blog stalk(oh wait...I already to that...). Or eat.

Right now I am thankful for....
Knowing there's always someone dumber than you. It's nice to know that you always could have done worse on that test. haha.

Real good food for dinner. Like terryaki-chicken-broccoli-noodle stuff we made for dinner.

The hours of entertainment Pinterest can provide when I do decide to sit and do nothing while procrastinating homework and wasting time.

That despite hearing all about drama and boy problems and dating and blah blah blah... they aren't my problems. So life is good.

Getting letters! 3:00 mail time is pretty much the highlight of the day for everyone. Missionaries are great:)


  1. I'm glad you are thankful for your mean mom. It gives me hope that my kids will appreciate my meanness someday too! :) Love your blog--it reminds me of when I went to BYU. I think I had the exact same couch I've spotted in some of your pictures. Have a great weekend!

  2. "Knowing there's always someone dumber than you."
    hahahhahhah so true!!!