October 18, 2011

Tricia Bobby

aw:) The happily married couple.

Tried to be all sneaky and blow bubbles in the picture...haha failed.

Jeni. Kaitlyn. Tricia. Megan. Marisa
Oreos, toothpaste, streamers.....Gotta keep the tradition of decorated car:)
When they walked out to the car, they both went to separate sides....I was going to pee my pants if he didn't open the door for her! Megan screamed "Open the door!". Turns out he was standing there looking for the keys. :)

Tricia Bobby Lavery is a married woman.
Weird. It was crazy to see her walk out of the temple with her boy, all fancied up... (and even wearing big girl garments) I don't seem old enough for that, so she doesn't either! :) She looked sogorgeous though. And so happy.

I swear it was just yesterday that we were sitting in 7th grade math, me telling her she "smelled good". haha
And making our giant pumpkin cake.
And dancing on the front porch.
And writing back and forth in a notebook between every class.
And painting her bedroom.
And playing DDR with our bums.
And going to every stake dance.
And making our giant summer bucket list.
And coming into my bedroom to find the best spongebob cake ever:)
And writing lists of our so shizzlin' shrimps.
And going on senior trip.
And a million other fabulous memories.

But now.....she is married.
I am so excited for her! Those two little lovebirds are just so adorable together.
But now she has to be a real woman. Like, cook dinner and do laundry.
Congrats Tricia and Leo! Good luck on the rest of eternity:)
(please, just hold off on the babies for a while. I don't know if I can handle that yet....)

P.S. Happy 20th Birthday Tricia!

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