November 12, 2011

This weekend was the USU vs BYU basketball game....kinda a big deal in these parts! People started camping by the Spectrum on Tuesday. We went Wednesday to get a camping spot and wristbands to get into the game, but spots were full and they weren't giving out wristbands. We were told they would hand out more starting at 6 am Friday morning.

So Friday at 5 am (thats 5 am in the freakin morning!) we put on our million layers of clothes and went to stand in line. We get there and.....THERE'S NO ONE IN LINE!! Funniest thing of my life. There we were, three girls, in the freezing cold dark, just waiting to get a stinkin wristband, looking like homeless bums. We of course weren't going to go back home, so we just sat down to wait. Don't worry, we had a movie to watch, food to eat....we were set. So, we waited. And waited. And then a few more people came and told us they thought it was going to be 8. What the heck! haha. After all that we did end up waiting until 8 to get a wristband for the game. But we were FIRST in that line!! Also, we were lucky enough to make some friends to hold our spot in line all day, allowing us to come back later in the afternoon to wait in line some more:)

It was SO worth it! The game was super great! You haven't lived life until going to a basketball game in the Spectrum. Those fans are CRAZY! Poor BYU. We won 'em good:)

Notice the guy in the left corner of one of the pictures?! haha. He was not happy about someone wearing a BYU jersey in the crowd....

(this video is super great.)

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