December 12, 2011

Free food anyone?!.....gotta love singles wards. Yes, the pizzas were 3 feet across:)

Holy. Smokes. First semester is pretty much over. How the heck did that happen?!!
Here's my sista from another mista. (aka VP of a certain club we belong to, fellow roommate, co-chef, the-girl-who-is-always-hot-and-turns-down-the-heat-so-i-freeze-to-death, and miss brit the beautiful) I'm so lucky to live with the girls I do. They are so great, despite...well....things I won't mention:) Some things you gotta live with to appreciate.

My ward is super great. Best singles ward I've been in for sure. Being a ward missionary is the best calling, having the opportunity to teach and share the gospel with people.
Apt. GC9 are my favorites. Good times watching movies, going to Lava, watching more movies, games, eating food, etc etc.

Oh and I guess the school part is important too....learning stuff and writing papers. Good thing it's all over for a month though. Not my favorite semester of classes.

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