December 7, 2011


That moment when you are walking on the sidewalk and the only person walking towards you happens to be that girl you blog stalk all the time (except she doesn't even know it.) It's just you and her, so you awkwardly look away and down at the sidewalk (of course pretending you are watching your steps so you don't fall) until you get close enough to quickly look at her and smile (and then hurry away fast as you can). Oh, and this same girl just happens to be walking up the hill every time you are walking home from class. Good thing they don't know you are a creeper.

Or when you get on the bus, seeing a face that looks familiar, taking a second glance, and realizing it's girl (who you don't even know her name) who you blog stalk.

Oh the joys of technology. Some call it creepin', it's really just using your resources. And clicking on links to cute looking blogs. :)

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