January 2, 2012


356 days.
  • I finished two semesters at Utah State University.
  • Worked all summer at Costa Vida.
  • Made my 5 year mark working at Magnolia Grove.
  • Saw one of my best friends get married.
  • Lived with roommates, came back in the fall and lived with some of the same.
  • Saw soo many of my guy friends go off on missions.
  • Spent two weeks on a church history tour in New York, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, and Kansas.
  • Visited all the places where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was restored, where angels appeared, where prophets walked.
  • Made it through some tough classes, and even took more tough classes the next semester.
  • Worked in the USU bookstore.
  • Worked more in the USU Risk Management Office.
  • Went on many random adventures in Logan.
  • Survived the freezing cold of Logan.
  • Said goodbye to my freshman year.
  • Attended 3 different singles wards.
  • Got callings including service chairperson, ward missionary.
  • Went on dates.
  • Became addicted to Pinterest.
  • Moved into Pineview Apartments.
  • Got to room with Brit again.
  • Met so many fantastic people in the fall.
  • Anxiously awaited the mail each day in hope of missionary letters.
  • Cooked lots of food, expanded our skills and even planned weekly dinner menus.
  • Went snowboarding.
  • Sledded down Old Main.
  • Laid under the stars on warm summer nights.
  • Went to Aggie basketball games, football games, and even a hockey game.
  • Spent Christmas at home with my family.
  • Took a little trip to California to see grandparents.
  • Went to San Francisco.
  • Made plans to go to Honduras on service trip in 2012.
  • Learned how to budget and live like a frugal college students.
  • Coached Special Olympics at USU.
  • Took a special needs institute class.
  • Applied to be a EFY counselor in 2012.
  • Prepared to go on a mission.
  • Read the Book of Mormon.
  • Started studying Preach My Gospel.
  • Cleaned the sink.
  • Went to St. George for Spring Break.
  • Made a mormon.org profile.
  • Went to midnight movies.
  • Had sleepovers.
  • Donated plasma.
  • Ate way too much ice cream and cookie dough.
  • Went to lava hot springs.
  • Went to the temple.
  • Peed off a waterfall.
  • Went hottubing.
  • Decorated a gingerbread house for the Festival of Trees.
  • Went to education week at BYU.
  • Had end-of-summer party.
  • Wrote missionary letters.
  • Prayed for miracles.
  • Saw miracles happen.
I am blessed
2012 is going to great. Every year should be a little better, every year I should be a little better of a person. Things are not always easy, things are not perfect. But with the right perspective, life can truly be enjoyed. I have so much to look forward to, so much that I can accomplish.
The next 366 days are not going to be filled with regrets, but with continual growth. I am constantly making lists in my head, and planning. I don't want any of these 2 week long resolutions, but rather things I really want to accomplish and know will have the motivation to accomplish.
In 2012 I am going to
  • travel to Honduras on March 10 on a humanitarian trip
  • Take advantage of as many opportunities to work as I can to earn money for Honduras.
  • Continue to play the piano whenever I have the chance or am at home.
  • Write in my journal every week.
  • Read and study the Book of Mormon.
  • Turn in mission papers!
  • Take an institute class.
  • Always have a place I am volunteering at (Special Olympics, music at retirement home,
  • Pray every morning and night and read scriptures.
  • Save money, limit how much I eat out.
  • Work out and eat healthy so I feel good.
  • Give people sincere compliments.

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  1. such good resolutions!!

    and thats so exciting you are going to honduras!! SO COOL!