January 17, 2012

nerd alert

I love my classes this semester.
Maybe I won't be saying that in another three weeks....but for now I love them!
I guess it's probably because I'm finally in (mostly) classes that I want to take.

Social Work with Diverse Populations
Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Mental Health
Public Speaking
Perspectives in Literature

The social work classes are so great! As I sit there everything just makes sense. It's like "duh, of course that's what you would do in that situation". It confirms how much I am excited to be a social worker. People always say "oh...that's a hard profession. Bless you for trying." Hello, nothing is easy! Of course the world is full of problems, many of which aren't going to be solved. But there is so much good that can be done, so many lives that can be helped and empowered.

Yay for school,and learning, and the first few weeks of the semester which might actually be enjoyable:)

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