February 9, 2012

that moment

That moment when you realize you are one of almost 7 billion people living on this earth. Holy. Cow. And it's all a little overwhelming and confusing and lonely at the the same time. When you stop and realize you aren't the center of the universe. When you see that there each person is separate and distinct, that each person has a life to live.

That moment when you walk into special needs institute and get to spend time with the sweetest spirits spirits on this earth. When you feel of their innocence and yearning to learn. When you realize that although there are almost 7 billion people living right at this moment, that each and every person has a divine, individual worth. When you get just the tiniest glimpse of how much God loves every single one of his children, despite and physical or mental challenges. When you begin to see each person as God sees them, as a child with so much potential.

That moment when you are at special olympics and you get to see the complete happiness in the faces of the athletes. When you see them interact with people and are able to see completely beyond any physical or mental challenges. When you see their abilities rather than disabilities. When you start to see how much it means for you to take 2 hours out of your day to talk to them and give them the attention to feel important.

That moment when you go to the assisted living home with friends to sing hymns, and the old grandmas say "there's my girls!". When you talk to a person who is frail and weak but instantly lights up when you sing their favorite song. When you walk into the room full of Alzheimers patients and see many of them sitting there lifeless, but are able to feel of their spirits and know that they are God's children despite the wrinkly skin, sag, and drool all over their face:)

That moment when we get a glimpse into how much God loves us, that each one of us is important. When we come to realize that no matter how many people are living on this earth, we are important to those around us. That moment when we realize the way we will really feel good about ourselves is to forget so much about our own problems and to find all the good in others.

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