February 15, 2012

valentines day


Valentines Day is not all about mushy gushy love and bf/gf relationships. Being single doesn't have to make it the worst day of the year. (You are still allowed to stuff your face with chocolates and other delicious things.)

It's about loving the people around you.

(not gonna lie... I still wasn't loving it this year)

But I was so spoiled on this day of love, and one lucky girl.

In the morning someone left a bottle of sparkling cider and 6 roses on your doorstep, with a note that said "to each and every beautiful girl in PV 18". Aw, how sweet:)

My best-mom-ever sent me a valentines package in the mail, stuffed of course with candy, chocolate, and heart sugar cookies.

Some friends brought us each flowers and chocolate, love those boys:)

For dinner a bunch of us went to the Olive Garden. So of course that made my tummy happy. Oh, and one of the guys even paid for all us girls. What a gentleman. That's how great of friends I have.

Before dinner we made some little valentines and went to the Legacy Assisted Living to hand them out. I just cannot get enough of those old people....They are the sweetest thing ever! One of the ladies told us how Valentines Day is her favorite holiday, but she had only gotten one card. It absolutely made her night for us to go see her, and she even asked us to sing to her! Oh boy, I don't think she knew what she was getting herself into....Three of us ended up singing the "I Love You" song from Barney, but she at least pretended to love it! I definitely want to make doing something for others a part of Valentines Day from now on.

Valentines Day wouldn't be complete without watching a chickflick....so of course we ended the night watching "Serendipity".

(The only thing that could have made it better is watching The Vow. Or watching it like 5 times in a row:)

Sometimes we just need a day to know that we are loved.

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  1. what a wonderful valentine's day!!

    and what sweet gentlemen!!

    and yes I am planning on making an i'm a mormon profile thing pretty soon :D!