April 30, 2012


I have heard plenty of roommate horror stories. In fact, moving away to college had the potential to be a complete disaster, especially having never lived with girls. 
But, after two years, I've realized living with girls is ok. And actually fun.

I have been super lucky to be blessed with such great roommates. Not only will they eat food with me at one in the morning, blast country tunes, not judge when we act like 12 year old boys, and eat ridiculous amounts of frozen yogurt, they are fantastic examples. 

I find them reading their scriptures eating breakfast, writing in their journals at night, wanting to go sing to old people. Yep, the kind of girls I want to be like. The people you surround yourself with definitely influence who you will become. Sounds cliche, but these girls are beautiful inside and out!
So thank you:)

 Britney - Abbi - Ellen - Marisa - Rachael  (and Kaitlin was MIA)

seriously...why can my head never be normal in a jumping picture?!   I better get practicing for my wedding....                                       

hahaha ellen's hand is creepin' on someone....

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