April 5, 2012


Sometimes a girl just needs to eat a big bowl of ice cream
Sometimes she needs to waste an hour on Pinterest doing nothing but drooling over all the food she wished was in her stomach right then.
Sometimes she needs to go to the gym and run and run and run while blasting the same song over and over on the ipod.
Sometimes she just needs to crawl into bed, clothes on and all, and take a little nap.
Sometimes she just needs to turn the shower on hot full blast and turn the bathroom into a sauna, and then sit there.
Sometimes she needs to shut her mouth and stop complaining.
Sometimes she needs to be able to go just a day without listening to other peoples drama.
Sometimes she needs to sit down and start writing one of the million papers due, instead of just talk about it.
Sometimes she needs to just sit and read her scriptures.
Sometimes she needs someone else to be the one to give her a smile.
Sometimes she needs a warm sunny day to sit outside on the grass and get fried.
Sometimes she just needs the little reassurance that everything will be ok.
Sometimes she needs a perspective that life goes on and to get over dumb things.

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