May 6, 2012

i did it!

Moving means cleaning. I was cleaning out my closet when I came across old journals...jackpot! Oh my goodness, they are hilarious to read. And the handwriting? Looks like a 9 year old boy wrote it. Good thing nowdays we just depend on phones and computers to write everything.

I was flipping through a notebook and found a list of "goals/dreams" I made more than 5 years ago. This is what they were...
  1. Be an EFY/oakcrest counselor
  2. Go on a senior trip.
  3. Serve a mission
  4. Go on international humanitarian trip
  5. Adopt a baby.
And the cool thing about that?.... I have done/will be doing soon 4 of those things!
I honestly don't even remember every writing those down...but that is the greatest feeling to see all I  have been able to do the past few years.

I am going to be an efy counselor in a month.
I went on a senior trip to st. george with my best friends.
I am preparing to turn in mission papers.
I went on a service trip to Mexico in high school and to Honduras this year.
And the baby?... ya that's not happening yet. But maybe someday. 

I always make lists. Hopefully in another 10 years I will be able to look back and see that the things that are most important to me I was able to accomplish:)

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