May 27, 2012


I like pretty stuff. No wonder I'm addicted to Pinterest....I can look at millions of pictures of pretty stuff. But the truth is, I like to make stuff pretty too. I like to get ideas from lovely websites like Pinterest. I also love to blog stalk people. Standing in line at Walmart, eating a bowl of cereal, or laying in bed at night (instead of counting sheep) I think of ways to redecorate spaces. I love HGTV. With a passion. But when it comes down to it, it's all just in my head. Maybe someday I will have a lovely house with every room decorated like a model home.
That music picture frame was an old frame just recovered with...well...with my brothers piano sheet music. It's replaceable, right?

Picture wall made by stringing invisible thread, and using clips to hold pictures. The little metal clips are from Ikea,were actually to hold curtains until I ripped the hook part off and was left with just a clip. 
It's only a few bucks to make largeeee prints of photos/quotes/whatever-your-heart-desires at Staples. Depending on how ambitious you feel, you can mount the print on a foam board, put it in a large pic frame, or just slap it on the wall with some good old command strips. Whatever works. This giant quote poster is 24x36 in. and that tree branch pic was also printed out large, and both mounted on foam board.

And I occasionally like to even pretend to be crafty by actually making stuff. But it comes in spurts...I'm not some over-excited-miss-crafty-lady-who-paints-every-friday-night. (Well I at least wouldn't admit to it...haha) I'm not some 40-year-old-birdhouse-painting-scrapbooker-scarf-knitting-relief-society-going-mom. I just like pretty stuff.

It's probably because I'm a poor college student (the excuse for everything), that I like to 
re-rurpose old things. Good grief, you can do just about anything with a can of spraypaint and tube of super glue. But really, I love cheap decorating ideas. This is where Pinterest comes in to play. 

This lovely blue chair was an ugly old brown chairs. Spraypaint is magical. And now it's the cutest little blue chair I ever did see. :)

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