July 14, 2012

You know you are EFY counselor if.....

-You know that a counselor sandwich is not referring to the giant thing you eat each Wednesday.
-Your idea of a good weekend is a six hour nap and free laundry at home.
-You feel naked without your name tag
-Your self esteem is boosted by 24 fourteen year olds who make up your fan club and tell you constantly how cool you are. 
-You’ve learned to do everything with a back pack that is bigger than you on.
-You cringe at the thought of Tuesday Burrito, while telling the youth how delicious the food will of course be. 
-You understand why payday is actually on Thursday.
-You know pretty much every Miley Cyrus and HSM song...and the dances to them.
-People watching never gets old.
-You refer to participants you’re in charge of as your kids, and you are often called "Mom" all week long.
-Your youth’s ultimate dream is to have you marry your co and them to be in the wedding party.
-Being on Passion Patrol provides the best stories of teenage romance. 
-Youth you’ve never seen before use your name all the time and think that’s really tricky.
-Every week you have youth in your hallway that think putting a towel under the door is original…
-You realize either youth eat pens or there is some creature lurking around...how else would a whole box of pens disappear in a week?!
-You wake up to nightmares that you didn’t order pizza by noon, or you forgot to text in lights out.
-COWs are something people want to be. 
-In your kids minds you are completely incapable of dating on your own and it is their duty to spend their weeks advertising you to other counselors as a helpless and desperate person, at the expense of your dignity.
-You want to throw up when you see a M on your mealcard where a C could have been.
-Friday’s you feel like a princess at Disneyland because people line up to take pics with you.
-You know plenty of laffy taffy jokes to break the awkward silence of meet your counselor.
-You’ve made the mistake at least once of telling your youth who you could potentially have a crush on.
-The peanut butter/jelly dance is what you subconsciously think about before falling asleep each night. 
-You know that FSOY is a real word, and you use it each week.
-A polo tan is the new farmers tan.
-You’re still surprised when your youth say what year they were born and it’s in the high 90’s era.
-You visit the bathroom about 17 times a day and still forget to use it yourself.
-You just hope you can get through games night without doing anything to a youth that might get you fired.....
-Getting your youth to form/ stay in a line is one of the bigger feats of the week.
-Your best facebook moments are Saturday night as you get about 20 new friends and at least 30 notifications.
-You’re constantly amazed at how a modest outfit during scripture study transforms to something questionable during the rest of the day....especially if the talk on how to sit modestly in a skirt hasn't been given 3 times. 
-You know that youth speak really soft and when you ask them to speak up it changes about .00002 decibels.
-Lock down is your favorite part of the week. Not!
- You still question why at 10:00 in the morning on Monday’s youth and their parents are lined up at the door with all their luggage when the doors don’t open til 11.
-You’ve eaten your weight in BYU brownies… and you’re pretty much okay with that.
-You are familiar with all the best places to hide away and take a nap. 
-You have woken up and found a family staring down at you like you are some foreign-lost-person as you lay on a couch in the Wilk. 
-You believe EFY is secretly fat camp because of all the walking you do…
-You know something is wrong if you haven't been asked 11 times by the end of breakfast "what are we doing next?".
-FHE without fruit roll ups, is not fhe at all.
-You know each cheer should start like remember the titans and end in a circle saying 'who who who'
-You have an excuse for white, hairy legs because the requirement to wear pants daily.
-You are either stared at, laughed at, or given the look of pity by everyone who walks by the herds of EFY kids on campus. 
-You’ve uttered the phrase “I feel like that’s not a good idea” at least once a day.
-You LOVE hanging out with teenagers all day long and seeing the change they experience at EFY:)

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  1. ah!!! I love provo EFY!! I'm glad you are having such an awesome time. :)