August 21, 2012

bye bye

The season of popsicles, warm nights, and sunburns is almost over.

Time for school to start, homework, cinnamon rolls, more homework, and gorgeous fall leaves.
Well, minus the school and homework part for me:)

However, I feel like my summer just started - days of sleeping in, doing whatever all day.
Ever since the lovely days of EFY ended I have spent time sleeping, grocery shopping with mom, eating smoothies, seven peaks, reading books, sleeping more, and occasionally getting dressed. Oh, the super fun task of applying for jobs.  Too bad my legs are still white as a marshmallow and it's the end of August.

                                                                        Goodbye this       
Hello this weather....minus the people :(

You can tell ones life must not be very exciting if all there is to update about is the weather. It's true. 

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