October 18, 2012

large in stature

This is is a statement from my mom: 

"I read your blog. And if I didn't actually know you, I would think you were fat." (Yes, how politically correct of her.)

Well thank you. I didn't know it talked about food excessively. She then pointed out that I reference food. Constantly. Some people are always talking about their boyfriend, or their kids, or their job. And I am just over here, like, "hey, I like food."

It's true, my life revolves around food. Some people go to sleep thinking of their husband beside them, some count sheep. Others of us...well, we think what's for breakfast in 8 hours.

As for the fat comment, I would never truly be harmed by that coming out of my mother's mouth.
But I think there is a pattern here...

Exhibit A: Me and all my (old)roommates and some (guy)friends are squished together on the couch looking through pictures of the year before. Boy turns to me and says, "Mis! You are skinnier this year!".
Well thank you, I didn't know freshman year did such a toll on me. Girls, being the considerate people they are, turn to him and say "what the heck are you talking about?! Fat?! You wanna talk about fat?!"
Pretty sure the boy just didn't put in his contacts that day. Or maybe those midnight food binges did show up in my rosy little cheeks. (Don't worry, I always sat in the middle of the car after that so we wouldn't bottom out going down the curb, and the comment "at least you aren't so fat this year" was always a great way to break any tension in the room.)

Exhibit B: Senior trip after high school, we are at the St. George temple to do baptisms for the dead. 4 of us are standing in the front of the sweet old little lady as she looks us over before handing us our change of clothes. One by one she goes down the line "This should do", "This size looks right", "Here you are", and then "Oh....and you. Yes, you will definitely need a bigger one", as she eyes my over sized figure.
Thank you kind lady, for telling me I am miss gigantosaurus out of the group. Good thing the sweet old ladies are so considerate, even providing clothes for those of us who are a little extra large.

No, I am not obese. Yes, I love food. No, I have not had children yet. Yes, I may need to hold off the oreos in the future.

See a theme?
Some people take pictures of their dogs. Others of us take pictures of their food. 
So yes, looking at all these, you could take a guess that I am quite obese. 

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