October 13, 2010

who needs boys anyways?

We have bunkbeds! One day we realized that the beds move easily, so we started moving them around the room. Unfortunately, our room is NOT very big, and is NOT meant for a lot of rearranging. So, we just scooted the beds right next to each other so we could sleep by each other. It was like a giant king size bed:) And then, (because we are so brilliant) Britney had the idea to make bunkbeds. So we went and bought a dowel, cut it (with a kitchen butcher knife...), stacked the beds, and even had to lower the mattresses- all by ourselves! Yep, all without the assistance of any men. And now our room is just so cute:) Yep, I sleep on the top. I haven't rolled off...or fallen on Britney...yet. We even stacked the dressers and brought in the greenbean (spooning) chair.

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