March 6, 2012

blah, blah, blah....

  • english analysis paper (on some book I didn't read all of....oops)
  • informative speech on eating healthy (kind of hypocritial when you haven't been grocery shopping for over a month and are living on whatever edible things you can find left in the fridge)
  • social work program application (yay:)
  • research paper on mental illness advocay

check, check, check, check.

That doesn't even count all the quizzes to take and books to read. It would nice to have a solid 48 hours to not have any homework to worry about. Ya, that would be great.

This past weekend was good though....twizzleberry, sleeping in our blanket fort (yes mom, we are still allowed to do stuff like that), insitute lifetime conversion conference (SO good, the speakers were fantastic), fast sunday, fireside watching in our fort (yes mom, we left it up for 2 nights and our apartment did look like 9 year old boys lived there)

And in 72 hours.....I will outta this place, flying far away to another country. Honduras, here I come!

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