March 20, 2012

Honduras...One life at a time.

The past week and a half has been incredible....
I am so so so lucky I was able to go to Honduras with One Life at a Time.
People ask how it was, and it's difficult to even begin to express how much I loved it! It's difficult to imagine how much you begin to truly have a love for people when you serve them. Experiences like I had change you.

Going on this trip put a lot of things in perspective for me. It helped me realize what's most important, what I want to do in my life. I got a glimpse of just how much Heavenly Father loves each one of his children. We have no idea. Each one of us is in a different circumstance, born to different parents, live in different countries...but the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for every single child is the same. As I held children in my arms at the orphange who were sick and lethargic or screaming from getting teeth pulled, I was filled with the love for them. They are not forgotten, and have just as much individual worth as any other person on this planet.

I was blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. The Dr. and Dentists gave up a week of time and money to use their abilities to serve others. I was continually impressed by each person who came. Everyone had something to contribute, whether physically evident or not.

I have so much in my life. Because I live in the circumstances I do, I feel it a responsibility to help others. It's addicting....the more you serve the more you want to continue to touch lives.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is what truly brings happiness. This is because we receive more blessings through being obedient. I felt the power of missionary work, as each young adult came in to have medical and dental exams. There was story after story of young men and woman who are the only members in their family, or just joined the church a year ago, or had no parents, but who had so much faith and trust that they want more than anything to serve a mission. One girl came in to see the dentist. She began filling her papers out over a year ago, but has just been waiting until she can see a dentist to turn them in. These pre-missionaries realize what's important, and will do everything they can to serve their Heavenly Father.

I have hundreds of pictures to sort through.....but for now, this video brings all the emotions back. :)

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  1. Marisa- Sounds like you had an amazing time. You are a powerful missionary sharing your testimony of Christ in all you do and say. I am so glad you were able to have this opportunity. Thanks for sharing with us.