April 19, 2012

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I need that cheesecake.... yummy crust, cakebatter cheesecake, cakebatter cookie dough layer, fudge sauce, and whipcream. Why have I had to wait 20 years to be introduced to this?!
And that yellow and gray bed...yes please!
Those balloons filled with paint...hello summer!
Thank you pinterest:)

Facebook reminds me how grateful I am to be out of high school. I can hardly believe it's been two years already...
I absolutely loved it! But definitely one of those things you never want to go back to.
Sometimes I wish I could tell all those people that life will go on. That there's more to life than where you decide to go for lunch, who's going to the dance with who, the fact that that certain someone never texted you...and on and on. That outfit that you spent an hour picking out and crying over, will not in fact be noticed by every person. It's alright if you are not the center of every conversation and social activity.
College and living on your own definitely gives a new perspective. Priorities are different, people change, and you just have to make decisions and live your life.
After saying all this, I'm sure someone 20 years older is thinking the exact same thing about me....don't worry about such dumb things, life goes on. :)

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