April 24, 2012

There's some things are just too great to forget. Things about college and life as a 20 year old.
Actually, they aren't that funny now, but I have a feeling that in 20 years I will laugh just thinking about them. For example....

The joys of cold showers. I'm paying hundreds of dollars a month, is a hot shower too much to ask for?! And that's the excuse for having hairy legs.

Speaking of bathrooms...creating a homemade sauna by turning the shower on as hot as it will go (of course there's no shortage of hot water at night...) shutting the door, turning off the light/fan, and sitting there on the toilet to bask in the warmness. It's like being at one of those naked-people saunas in europe, except in the comfort of your own apartment.

Looking on the shelf in the fridge and having nothing to eat. And then cleaning it out, including all 7 tupperware containers of two week old rice and soup and questionable looking who-knows-what casserole, and realizing there is literally NOTHING to eat, except a half can of refried beans and an egg. No joke.

Finding hair everywhere. Like sitting in institute, opening up my scriptures, and finding hairballs between the pages.

Having the majority of my wardrobe consist of sweats and t-shirts. They come in every color and variety I could ever need.

Our apartment decor...christmas lights strung from the ceiling, tissue paper art on the wall, pizza pie cafe coupon poster tacked on the wall....haha a little white trash looking...

The lack of basic supplies such as toilet paper. And paper towels. And garbage bags. Sometimes we have to decide between a sanitary apartment or saving a buck or two. Good thing we have so many walmart grocery bags, and that we live in America where you can use public bathrooms and toilet paper for free.

Knowing exactly how many pairs of underwear you have left and calculating when you will do laundry around that.

A twizzleberry addiction. Frozen yogurt once or twize a week isn't too much, right?

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