May 16, 2012

Lovely Logan

(what the heck, blogger will only let me put the link...But these are the pictures I am showing my kids in 20 years:)

Utah State University. Logan. Lovely places.
I have no regrets about where I have spent the past two years at college.
I have loved (almost) every single moment there!

This past year has been so good. Not the easiest at times, but looking back it's crazy how much has happened and how much I have done. I lived with some of the same girls from the first year, along with two new ones. Holy smokes these girls are great. I had an incredible ward (and no, not everyone says that about every ward.) It was a definite step up from the year before. There was a good mix of ages in the ward. We ended up becoming best friends with 26 year olds...who knew. None of us got married. haha. This year has been full of super great things....

Aggie football and basketball games. Cleaned the sink. Ate lots of food. Worked in the Risk Management office and the bookstore.Took social work classes to apply for the program and loved it. Tricia got married (and is now pregnant!...) Special olympics coach. Discovered pinterest. Gorgeous fall leaves and mountains. Halloween parties and dressing 10 year olds. Waited in line at 5 in the morning to get into the byu-usu basketball game. Bought $6 xxxl sweatshirts from walmart, one of the best purchases ever. No joke. We actually even attending FHE occasionally. Met the garden court 9 boys. Made gingerbread houses.Hottubing. I turned 20:) Lava hotsprings. Temple Square. Snowboarding. San fran with the family. Bonfires. Bowling. Mardi gras. Lots of movie watching... Ellen's cabin. Institute. Spent 10 days in HONDURAS!!! of the best things ever. Ward missionary. Birthdays. Sunsets. Running outside. Singing and talking to the old people. Festival of colors. Spud's farm. Baseball game. Motorcycle rides. Twizzleberry. Swimming. Rollerskating. Dirtbiking. Being with the coolest people ever...aka my roommates and friends:) I love USU.

I am going to miss these girls.
I am going to miss the boys.
I am going to miss having people to do fun things with. And to sit there with and do nothing with:)
I am going to miss gorgeous Logan in the spring and fall.
I will even miss walking up the hill, what seemed like a million times a week.
I will miss my office where I had my own space.
I will miss coming home late from the garden court house and seeing a couple making out in the lobby.
I will even miss the bathroom door that had to be slammed shut, and sink that would suddenly spray out like a hurricane in the kitchen.
I might even miss the horrible internet, my squeaky bed, the pile of clothes on the back of my chair that I swear reproduces, and falling down the hill.

I love USU. The past year has been filled with so many good things....but obviously it is time to move on for now. I can't live as a sophomore forever, right?! Luckily, I will be back! I still have two years to finish...and after that, who knows what. But for now I am so grateful for every experience I have had and person I have met that has made my life a little better. Sounds so sentimental, haha, but true:) Did I mention I love USU?! :)

Some of the last days at PV18.....

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