May 12, 2012


I'm living the life of an adult...Going to work every day from 8-4 and making real money. Working out 4 times a week. Eating real meals that consist of more than a bowl of ice cream and cheese-its. Getting dressed and ready every day, which includes showering. Attending the lovely singles ward. Going to bed at a reasonable hour. What a life. What a summer.

Kidding.... More like, I moved home from school a week ago. I think I have put on jeans maybe twice. The usual outfit consists of a pair of shorts and a tshirt, replacing the shirt for a different one every day or two. You know it's a problem when your own brother comments on how you wore those same shorts the past two days....
As for the job? Currently unemployed. It's actually quite a nice life for the moment.
The meals? I was worried the first two days, when my own mother left me to fend for myself at lunch time. Luckily, breakfast and dinner have been excellent. I forgot how good meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, steak and chicken, homemade bread, and all that other good stuff are. (Mom's weekly food rating has averaged out at about 8 out of 10. Nothing quite like your own children rating dinner every night...haha) I do need to start that exercise-4-times-a-week thing I guess.
Singles ward? Haven't tried it yet, but I did go to institute, and that counts. It just doesn't appeal to me when I walk in a room with all the guys 18 year old premies, 30 year olds living at home still, or any normal boy cuddled up to the girl next to him and a big diamond blinging from her finger. Yes, I am being judgmental and making assumptions.
I have always dreamed of laying in a hammock all summer reading books. I guess I'm a lucky girl, cause this dream is coming true. I'm on my third book already...
Being at home means I get to do stuff like go shopping with my mom. And go to City Creek for lunch with my parents. And take trips to Provo.

Yes, I need to start working. Yes, I should go running and eat less brownies...well at least less in one sitting. Yes, I should put away the rest of my laundry. But let's be's a lot more fun to watch toddlers and tiaras and sit in the hammock for the time being. It's called summer.

This video is one of those you-had-to-be-there-for-it-to-be-funny things. Only Landon would lay in the hammock, eating cadbury eggs, and take video messages of talking eggs to be delivered inside to me. And I just randomly found this video haha. 

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  1. haha This post made me laugh so hard! Glad you're having a great summer! I wish I could lay in a hammock all day... Hope to see you soon!