May 8, 2012

This picture is why I am going on a mission. How can you not look into the face of this sweet little girl and not know of the love Heavenly Father has for every single one of his children? The more I took social worker classes, the more I wanted to go. The more I look at Honduras and Mexico pictures the more I want to go. The more I watch the news the more I want to go.

For every good thing in the world there seems to be 10 negative things. There is problem after problem. Going to Honduras I realized that we cannot fix every single thing that is wrong. There is much good done...such as volunteering at orphanages, building houses, giving toys and clothing to kids...but that is not enough. Every issue is so complex and involves much more education and resources than initially evident. And traveling internationally you see the cultural differences which adds another layer of context and more understanding that is needed. We cannot fix everything right at this moment. But we do have the resources where we can find the answers.

It is the principles in the gospel of Jesus Christ that the solutions are ultimately found in. Each individual is so valued, whether they live in Salt Lake, South Dakota, Guatemala, or South Africa. Everyone has struggles, whether they live in poverty in a third world country, or struggle to even survive in the United States. What the gospel of Jesus Christ does is provide hope and answers. It literally changes lives, not just improves them for the moment or year. The gospel of Jesus Christ provides us with a way of living. It provides us with the help and companionship of the Holy Ghost. It provides us with commandments, that when followed, allow more blessings into our lives that help us not just spiritually but temporally as well. When we are living the gospel our lives will not be perfect or easy, but they will be better. The spirit will bless and comfort us. Heavenly Father is so aware of us and will make sure we are taken care of, whether through our own means or through others coming into our lives.

This is why I am serving a mission. Because we are all children of our Heavenly Father. Because there are solutions to be found in this scary world. Because we can find hope and happiness in knowing who we are. Because there are people struggling all over this country and all over this world, whose lives would be better if only they knew who they were and where to turn for help. Because although there will always be poverty, sickness, violence, and a million other problems, the gospel gives assurance that this will not last forever. Because I want to help people. Because I know that Heavenly Father didn't dump billions of children on this earth to wander around and struggle alone, but gave some the knowledge to share with others. Because one person accepting the gospel changes all the future generations. Because this gospel doesn't just provide temporary improvement, but changes lives forever. This is why I am preparing to serve a mission, and I feel pretty darn lucky and excited for the opportunity:)

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