September 17, 2012

we know how to live life.

 Hello, meet Britney. Sometimes we like to randomly pose on railroad tracks and take awkward photos.
(Before this picture we floated down the Provo River. So. Fun. Yay for summer:)
Other times we like to take a little trip to Park City.  
(Not only did we ride the alpine slide at the Olympic Park, but we went on the world's steepest zipline down the mountain. And went down the alpine slide again. Not to mention the VIP tour of the Olympic Park....we have connections....watching the crazy people jump off the mountain into the swimming pool, shopping the outlets, eating food, making rad cups at Color Me Mine, staying in a that even legal? It was kind of sketchy and some maintenance guy had to come fix our door so it would lock...eating more food, and having a lovely little weekend)

Sometimes we go to Nicklecade, and win lovely little prizes, as is clearly obvious above.
(and sleep outside on flat air-mattresses and eat fro-yo)

 Let's be honest, everything we do revolves around food.....

Oh, and sometimes we take spontaneous trips to the Great Salt Lake to kayak.
That picture doesn't even show our gourmet picnic-on-the-water of a jar of peaches, capri sun, and granola bar. Delicious. It also doesn't show the poop-brown water crawling with brine-shrimp or the swarms of flies.
(After we go to the zoo on the one day the whole year it happens to be closed, and sitting in the parking lot of dumb boondocks for an hour, we improvised.)
. . . . . .

Thank you Brit for playing. Thanks for joining the losers-who-live-at-home club. I love us. I love that we know how to live life. Cause we sure are funny. We are still going to be doing this until we live in that yellow house on the corner across from the temple in Logan:)

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  1. I love that you make life so fun!!! and that you share it with everyone!