October 7, 2012


School? What's that??
Those $150 textbooks, midterms, and 4 papers due in 1 week...Oh, that seems vaguely familiar.
And the days of washing dishes (and more dishes. and more dishes), an always seemingly empty fridge, and 1:30 am bedtime.

Right now I am more familiar with my bigger bed, waking up when it's still dark outside (imagine that.), and dinner cooked for me. :)
I have the luxury of playing ping pong with the little brother, going to the farmer's market with the mother, and watching the brother run his races.
Not to mention, going to bed at a reasonable hour. I love it. Well, at least parts of it.

So what do I do all day? Work. Yep, I go to work. And that's about it. There is the occasional institute (until you find out the average age of the 5 other people in the class is 29 years old. So then you go in search of another institute class, because whoever said it's the class not the people that is important, really couldn't have meant that.)

And in the meantime, I find time to eat. For example, some of those delicious looking foods on pinterest have been calling my name for some time. I can attest that all the foods below are as good as they look.
                             basil, tomato, and mozzarella. Use wonton wrappers.peanut butter brownies...oh my goodness one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted. no joke.
                            Cookies and Cream Muddy Buddies! Only 4 ingredients... these are insanely addictive and delicious!Sunburst Lemon Bars
I ate this every day for weeks, no joke.
 Insalata Caprese (Caprese Salad)

I also did a little somethin-somthin like this. Call me Martha Stewart, this isn't the only crafty craft I have done.
redo lampshade

And I really like this...

and this...

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