November 13, 2012

the BoM


Once upon a time I worked in the Risk Management office at Utah State. This was the best job a student could ask for. I worked part time, whatever hours I wanted. No joke. My office was in the big fancy Old Main building. I had my own desk and [office]ish area. People would always walk in and think I was the secretary for the legal department, and ask for directions or want to make an appointment. Really I was able to sit and read the fat textbook and blog stalk people. But what my job entailed is beyond the point.

The man I worked for was very nice. I worked for him freshman and sophomore year. Sadly, I had to quit this luxurious job in order to go on travels to other parts of  the world [mission]. When I was explaining that I would not be back the next the semester, the man was not very familiar with how a mission works. "So you sign up for where you want to go?" "18 months?!  Can't you do part time?.."
He did not know much about missions. Or Mormons.

It turned out the man ended up accepting a position at a different university in another state, and moved away not long after I moved away. I had a little note I had wanted to send to him, and just to update him on a few things. For a while I had a little thought to give him a Book of Mormon. So, I sent him a little note and casually mailed the BoM with it. No big deal. I was far away from the man, he would not be able to chase after me screaming, drunk, etc etc. [The man was previously in the army. And he may possibly have shown up at work in a not so normal state at times...] But really, what was the harm in sending a little something something to explain about maybe why he liked me so much? [He had previously even offered me a job when I came back to school. Must have been my work ethic.]

Now I did have to find his new address. That is where my stalking skills came in handy. My most recent job has strengthened these as I have learned to find the contact information for every doctor who has every practiced in this country the past century. Well pretty much. [Maybe I will consider a career with the FBI.] Off went the BoM in the mail, knowing I would never see or hear from the man again, until possibly in heaven.

And then.....A few weeks later in the mail I received a package. The return address had the man listed. Inside was none other than....some anti-God-anti-religion book. What. The. Heck. Really? Thank you for taking the time to order me some anti-God literature [written by none less than a New York Times bestselling author] from Amazon.

I never even considered this. I just sent a BoM, I didn't even send the missionaries to chase after him. I thought, why turn down an opportunity to share what I know is true, when sooner or later he will hear this from someone else? I was simply sharing something that is important in my life.

Well, clearly God is not important in his life. This man is some sort of atheist. I didn't know whether to take this as a joke, or as an insult. I didn't know if he thought it would be funny to send something that goes against everything I shared with him, or if he truly feels passionate about this?

But it doesn't really matter. Some day maybe he will remember what I randomly sent him in the mail, and not think it is so crazy after all. Obviously everyone is not Mormon, and not everyone is ready to be Mormon right now. But at least I know I didn't waste an opportunity to share a little something something. Heck, if some Buddhist sent me some foreign book on meditation and zen, I wouldn't be all over it.

Someday maybe I will anonymously send the missionaries to find this man. And then what will he do to me... :) Not everyone is all gung-ho about the gospel. But we do what we can, and the Holy Ghost will do the rest. Sounds crazy, but the Holy Ghost isn't crazy. I know not everyone in Argentina will be flocking to read the BoM. But there will be some. And for the rest of them, at least I know I tried. You never know what will happen on later in life. [And maybe I will see the man in heaven..]


  1. Go Marisa!!!!!
    I can't believe what he sent back....jeez!

    but I love that you did this!!! I'm so glad we have the gospel and can share it with others!

    1. If this was facebook, I would like this comment for sure.