November 10, 2012

When I grow up....

When I grow up there are some things I am going to do. Things that I realize the world is lacking, so someday better do something. Not like the we-need-a-new-president type of problems, or save-the-near-extinct-black-footed-ferret (which p.s. is a real thing.)

#1When I grow up I am going to have a scholarship for normal white girls. For the girls who don't have an athletic scholarship, Miss America, or perfect ACT scholarship. For the girls who never qualify for grants and financial aide. This scholarship is for the girls who were involved in things in school, who had good grades, etc etc, but aren't in the top 2% or bottom 50%. Yes, I am going to fund a scholarship.

#2When I grow up I am going to have a blog/business/something for sister missionaries. Business is booming for girl missionary stuff, as every girl and their dog is now going on a mission. And the problem? Where on earth do people find clothes/shoes to wear for a year and a half?! Times have changed. There is no longer the ankle-length-black-skirt-with-turtleneck-and-grandma-shoes dress code.
"Outfits should consist of professional suits, skirts, blouses, jackets, sweaters, and dresses. Clothing should be attractive, colorful, tailored to fit well, and conservative in style. Choose colors and patterns that you can mix and match with a variety of outfits." (

But...where do you buy all these clothes? Last time I checked you can't walk into the one stop shop (aka Missionary Mall) and pick up your suit and 7 shirts. Pinterest is great and all for looking at pretty pictures, but where do all these "attractive" "colorful" skirts and shirts coming from?  This is why some assistance/direction/experience is needed in providing assistance on where to buy items for missions. It would be so helpful to have some ideas of what clothes work best, and where to find these clothes, rather than searching google and stalking random peoples blogs to find any useful information. Or spending 3 hours tramping through different stores to find 1 skirt. Both true stories.

I realize I am not a returned missionary. Or even a missionary yet. So I can't claim to know what shoes are the best, or what items of clothing are worn the most. But, I have looked at stores. Lots of stores. And so I will keep track of where I have found sister missionary appropriate clothing. And remember, sister missionaries don't dress like polygamists or your 78 year old grandma. (Well, let's be honest, those grandma clothes are actually coming back. But not those velcro shoes and frumpy black skirt.)

 Shoes: Yes, I prefer forever young. You know, the 19.95 flats. But....I guess a better pair of shoes is required to walk along cobblestone streets all day. This means you actually have to go to a real store. I went to Dilliards and Maceys. I researched before for best brands, and so I looked specifically for Born and Naturalizer. Both these brands are comfortable. (I haven't walked 10 miles in them, so we will see about that) The people at Sister Missionary Mall rave about Dankos. Well, to start out with, they look like authentic Danish clogs. I tried them on and felt like I was a foot higher. No wonder they last forever. But if Dankos are your thing, go for it.

Skirts: Hello, why is every skirt too short or dry clean only. What about the rest of us? Lots of skirts I have seen pictures of have been too short when I tried it on, and I'm not 10 feet tall or anything.So, I guess I still haven't found the trick on finding skirts. Stores like Dress Barn (yes, it is a grandma store) that have dressy work clothes are good. Down East has some cute skirts. The tough part is finding a variety of skirts that aren't all floral or hot pink, because remember these will be worn every. day. for. 18. months.

Other stores that are on the list to be visited (because they supposedly have good clothes there) are Nordstrom, Loft, ......and who knows where else. In the next 60ish days, I should at least know where the best places are to find clothes. As for what actually works/wears the best, I guess I will have to wait for Argentina to know that. And then I will be able to save some stress/time for all those girls going on missions by sharing real experience/suggestions.

Born Shoes                                                Dress Barn                             Down East
Born Women's : Born Jerrica Women's Mary Jane Flats, Grey Size 8


  1. Hahahah I felt like you were quoting my life through this whole thing. The pinterest, the blog stalking, the hours and hours of stores... been there and done it all. PLEASE start a blog or something when you get back. Help the other future sisters so they don't suffer like we have ;)

    PS... are those brown Born shoes the ones you got?! Because they are definitely the ones I got, and I really really hope we're twinners :)

  2. I'm glad you understand! haha. And yes!! Those are the shoes!...They didn't have them in my size, so I need to find them at another store. Twinners! haha