December 9, 2012

"Give a Little Love"

This is the greatest. I love this video - because it's believable, not cheesy, and real life stuff.
But seriously....What if every person in your school was represented in this? Your city? In the US? In the world?

It can be tiring reading/seeing/hearing the cliches about "changing the world"....they can seem oversimplified or far-fetched. The idea to "give a little love" is not. This gives a little more hope in humanity.

This is the month of December. There seems to be a sudden serge of people willing to give a little extra, to be more aware, and to live in a more idealistic society. (Why do we not have food drives in July and SilverRush in September??) But...we should take advantage of the Christmas spirit and try give a little more, because it does make a difference, whether people choose to recognize it or not. Society often overlooks simple opportunities to give time/money/attention or underestimates the impact of 1 person.

I simply have a list of a few things/ways to help another person this month, and others which will be spontaneous. I don't want to look back and realize how many opportunities I overlooked to do good. We could all give a little love.
  1. Write an anonymous note to someone.
  2. Scrape another persons snowy car.
  3. Go through a drivethrough and pay for the person behind me.
  4. Give sincere compliments.
  5. Be aware of those around me and make effort to smile.
  6. Let someone in front of me in line at Walmart.
  7. Open the door for people.
  8. Be extra patient to angry providers at work.
  9.  Resist making a rude comment, even when it feels absolutely necessary:)
  10. .........

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” [Aesop]
True that.

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