December 9, 2012

Festival of Trees

Yes, my 16 year old brother made this - the video and the house. Cool kid.

Our family makes trees/gingerbread houses for the Festival of Trees. We have done this the past several(?) years, so this must qualify as a tradition. Back in the day, the parentals even made and donated a gingerbread house as newlyweds.
Once upon a time my brother had to go to Primary Childrens Hospital for some belly button infection. Turns out, he ended up spending a quite a bit more time there throughout his young life. Well, more time than the average 8 year old is in the hospital. The Festival of Trees is a fundraiser, with all proceeds benefiting Primary Childrens. The Festival of Trees is like an explosion of Christmas - trees, gingerbread houses, cinnamon rolls....pretty much everything except the reindeer.
These are the houses/trees, beginning with this year, and going back to our first tree:)
bikini bottom christmas
Minecraft christmas...(computer game, for all you people living without 11 year old boys)

Provo Tabernacle


Family pic, 2007 baby! The missionary tree - complete with a tie tree skirt, map of every mission in the world, and little gingerbread elders (and sisters.)

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