January 15, 2013

Too bad suits and ties are not acceptable...

As a girl who has spent looots of time looking for clothes. (And been to what feels like every store in Utah). I thought it would have been helpful to know where to go, brands to look for, etc. There are about a million girls going on missions now that could benefit from this. Of course, I have not walked around hundreds of miles in my shoes yet, or walked the scorching hot streets or survived a freezing winter. The after review will have to wait 18 months. I did try to avoid anything overly frumpy or that may be mistaken for polygamist clothing. I know, I know...comfort should come first. (The pictures below only show a small sample) But here it goes.

- Born (Dillards)
Born Womens Jerrica
- Hush Puppies (Macys)

- Nurture (Dillards) ....I got them in blue

- Boots (Shoe Carnival)

- Downeast
- My mamma's sewing skills
- Urban Wear
- Forever 21
Polka dot skirtDress Barn

- These are from everywhere (Forever21, H&M, Kohls, Sister Missionary Mall, Bohme)
-Modbe Clothing - TopsDouble Ruffle Top "Short Sleeve"

- Cardigans in every color ( I already had a few, but got some from H&M, Platos Closet, Kohls, Rue21)
- 2 Peacoats (Yellow one from Gordmans and black one I already had)

Other stuff:
- Scarves (I already had quite a few, from random stores)
- Tights (Target, Walmart )
- Bag (JCPenney)

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