January 6, 2013

Vacation woohoo!

What a drive. Good thing we are hilarious, and country music never gets old.
A few (boxes) oreos and Nicholas Sparks audio books never hurt a long drive...

That would be our hotel, the only one right on the beach.
Santa Barbara
Cutest little fatties ever. Sea otters are adorable.
Babe. Single and mormon.
Yes, we went on a sunset sailboat ride. Dream come true.
Biking along the beach and all over Ventura. Not to mention, the breaks were broken. And tandems are risky. It was a hoot.
Kite flying on the beach!
California with the best friend....Hotel on the beach in Ventura, biking, beaches, 65 degree weather (with everyone still in scarves and boots), fooood, Six Flags, more food, Santa Barbara, sailboats, more beaches, cute streets, prettiest outside mall ever, long rides, more food, sleeping, swimming, more warm weather, and a drive home in -6 degree weather.   
12 hour drives, 2 hour traffic jams in the middle-of-nowhere Nevada, LA freeways, ridiculous gas prices, and stale food at Taco Time doesn't stop us. 
Pretty much if she was a boy and I was a girl, we would be the cutest couple with the best adventures ever.

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